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Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 06:44:32 EST
Subject: Re: comments on philosophy

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From: David 2090:

> Having said the above disclaimer, I would like to take a shot at disputing 
> the following statement, that I recently saw on  Cryonet:  "No amount of 
> mathematics can make an x be a y."
>        x = 5
>        y = 5
> therefore,  x = y
> Would this count?
> David
Are they in the same field? What if we have a complex number: x + iy? x is 
real and y purely imaginary, the numerical equality don't implies x=y, only 
numerical value of x = numerical value of y. What about x a cardinal number 
and y an ordinal one?

What that means? Even the simplest things may be argued pro and con 
indefinitely on philosophical grounds. But what is the use of such endless 

If it is about to know if a downloaded brain on an electronics system is the 
original thing or a copy, I would say that this is a copy, may be not so good 
than the original, but I'll would take that possibility without philosophical 
problem if it is the only way out of the grave. For me, the question is not: 
is something perfect, but starting from present day technology, what can we 

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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