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From: "michaelprice" <>
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Subject: Inflexibility of the human mind
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 05:59:53 -0000

Both Ettinger and Donaldson continue to believe that the issue of 
unobserved particle subspecies (and thence particle identity) hinges 
on our ability to measure their attributes.  I have repeatedly pointed 
out that this is false.  Since they persist in their assertions 
without rebutting my observation:

  "the occupancy number of electron orbitals is an absolute  
   measure of the electron species number, not a
   reflection of our knowledge of electron attributes."

further dialogue seems pointless, which will have to stand as 
testament to the inflexibility of the human mind.  As Hal 9000 said,
"this conversation can serve no further purpose."

Michael C Price

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