X-Message-Number: 21081
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 12:11:19 +0100
From: Henri Kluytmans <>
Subject: Science-fiction / Techno-fiction...   

Yvan Bozzonetti wrote :

>For me it will be techno-fiction when it will be as man on Mars: 
>Not yet done, but each step to go here is defined. Money is then 
>what is requested to make it technical reality. 

Then I think we're using different definitions, because I don't 
call "space travel to Mars" techno-fiction.

Because in this case the technology is not fictional, however 
because there is no money to do it, I would call it : "financial-fiction"

Hmm Yvan, I'm curious :

You call it "techno-fiction" when the technology exists but 
there is no finance.

You call it "science-fiction" when the science exists but 
not the technology.

What do you call something when the science does not exist yet ???

For example :  time-travel, faster-than-light travel, etc...


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