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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: Re: Jackson MP3 messed up
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 17:47:35 -0000

> Message #21067
> Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 03:12:53 -0800
> From: James Swayze <>
> Subject: Jacksom MP3 messed up
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> > Find the excerpt on http://www.cryonics-europe.org/jackson.mp3 (350kb)
> > http://www.cryonics-europe.org/jackson.wma (35kb) if you have a Windows
> > media player and don't mind the reduced quality on this highly
> > file.
> The MP3 cut off just before he say he wants to live forever. Only the WMA
> got that far. Does he explain further how he intends to accomplish it? Any
> he has been lurking here or the Extropian sites?

Anyone can sign on the Internet with an assumed name .. he could well be
lurking here. He says nothing about how he proposed to live for ever.

I loaded the mp3 file back and it was complete.

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