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Date: Fri,  7 Feb 2003 21:50:35 -0700
Subject: I'm checking out the spam situation (was Re: Come check it out)
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From:  (Tim Freeman)

I'm setting up a content-based spam filter for myself right now.

My next step is to find the person who has administration access to
dandelion and get them to do something with it.  The options I would
prefer are, in decreasing order of desirability:

1. Put the content-based spam filter into place.
2. Change the list so that only people who are on it can post to it.
3. Kill the list, and we'll set up a Yahoo group.  In this case,
   before the list dies, I'll create the Yahoo group and send out a mail
   telling people to join the group. 

A problem with the current setup is that it is not possible to add or
delete people from the list.  If we can't get a permanent solution to
that problem, we probably want to get the list off of Dandelion.

Does anyone have better options than these?  In particular, better
options than a Yahoo group?  I'm willing to spend some time trying to
develop a consensus, but not a whole lot.  The present situation is
bad enough that action without a consensus is better than keeping the
status quo.

Tim Freeman       

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