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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
Subject: re Identity of copies and continuity of self
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 14:50:23 -0000

With regards to
> From: Francois <>
<description of duplicating vitrified bodies del>
> The question I really want to ask
> now is this: does it matter which one of these vitrified bodies is
> to undergo the reanimation process? Whichever one you choose, the person
> wakes up will be, to others and to itself, the one that originally died
> was vitrified. It will have complete and true continuity of self with the
> person who originally died. It will in fact BE that person. Or are there
> arguments that can negate that statement?

surely this would only apply if the reanimated duplicates has no spouse or
physical possessions preserved with them? If they had, (and assuming for the
sake of this discussion the spouse and possessions couldn't be duplicated as
well) then the duplicates would have to face the question of which of them
would "get" the spouse and possessions.

[This is a unique problem relating to duplication and therefore take
precedence over other matters, such as adjustment to the time jump and so
on. I know a spouse is not a physical possession, but is less easily

The question then becomes whether all the duplicates would react in exactly
the same way, or whether random events would make their characteristics
diverge. Once their characteristics diverge, there are similar looking but
different people. Which one is the original then?

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