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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:20:16 EST
Subject: Re: Grey dwarf's money

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From: Christine Gaspar <>

> Also, if we could get someone like MJ interested enough, he would probably 
> invest a portion of his fortune on cryonics research and facilities..thus 
> increasing his own odds of survival. Hell, if I won the lottery tomorrow, 
> you can bet that a large portion of my new found wealth would go towards 
> cryonics. 

There have been many talks about "riches" investing in cryonics. When these 
people talk about eternal life, it is about religous belief, not science or 

No wealty person will do anything useful for them or other. Forget that idea 
it goes nowhere. The only people in cryonics with some money, had the 
cryonics idea before the money, they got wealthy in part as a constrain to 
make something in the cryonics domain.

No, if you win the lottery  you don't do nothing, I have a scheme to milk the 
banks and very few are interested in. If you would do something you would use 
my (legal) idea, not the lottery.



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