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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:20:14 EST
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From: Thomas Donaldson For Mr. Kluytmans:

> I am surprized that you haven't even looked up in any biochemistry
> book the kind of bonds which tie enzymes or other living nanomachines
> together. I recommend Lehninger, BIOCHEMISTRY. Your arguments, good
> or bad, would have been stronger if you had done so.
May I add: The molecular biochemistry of the cell.  I think it win by at 
least one pound:-) With both to read, you are out of cryonet for 6 months!

Now my own recipe:
How to make your technoreligion in one lesson:

Takes a bright mind with advanced ideas, for example R.P. Feynman on 
nanomachines. Add the essential religious argument: Eternity. How 
nanomachines can be a promise of eternity? Simple: Takes the old De Beers 
slogan: Diamonds are eternal, with James Bond, everyone know that. Now you 
have eternity with diamond nanomachines. A true guru would add some free 
porn, but not everyone has the mind value of His Holyness Rael for example. 

I have maide the con (see this word in french slang) so there is the pro:

There is a proposal for a nano assembler:  Assume we have an electrical 
chekerboard in an elliptical corral. At one focus, the board could be used to 
move carbon atoms in a given patern. A quantum dot laser would then use its 
near field to excite some atoms. The wavefunction of that atoms set would be 
then copied by the corral at the other focus. Here, atoms would be trapped by 
the wave function in a given excited state. A nanomachine in the making would 
then be lowered along a tower so that it would touch the atoms array and take 
it as a new added carbon coat. The nanopart would then go up so that new atom 
could invade the corral focus. When completed after may be 100,000 to and fro 
displacements in .1s, the part would be released with a mRNAtag. A ribosome 
could assemble that particular "protein".

I am unconvinced about the usefulness of that technology, but it seems I am 
the only with a solution to build such nanobugs.



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