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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 20:01:32 EST
Subject: Re: Greedy Wars not good for cryonicists, and other living things

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Hello, Dear Fellow Cryoneters,

Rudi Hoffman, still among the living.  Every particle of me...whether 
interchangeable with identical particles or not!  (For those of you reading 
this without benefit of a brain, this is in reference to recent themes on 

I just wanted to say that the "Greedy wars not good for cryonicists" posting 
was very compelling to me.  

I have watched with alarm as the rhetoric of war has heated up, and now seems 
virtually inevitable.  As Phillip Rhoades points out, most of the world sees 
the US as the aggressors, initiating the use of force.  BTW, I don't always 
or even often agree with Mr. Rhoades comments, but I found these points very 

Many people, I feel, are ambivalent about this war, because we happen to 
believe the propaganda that Saddam is a very bad tyrant.  And, because I have 
seen documentation from such reliable sources as Amnesty International (not 
exactly known to be a right wing government promoting lackey organization) 
that the Saddam regime tortures and kills innocents on a regular basis.  This 
is indeed a very bad government.  But, I think most of us on this list would 
agree that there are multiple examples of very bad governments throughout the 
world, including those the US helped create.  Saddam happens to be the "devil 
de jour."

But, does this justify our killing thousands of shopkeepers and peasants, 
destroying infrastructure, and creating lasting hatreds on all sides, to get 
rid of a tyrant that the US government has armed and helped create by 
previous actions?  

I think not.  

So, I have joined my electronic voice to millions of others emailing against 
this immoral and unjustified war.  And I am embarrassed, no, horrified,  that 
my government is prosecuting it.  As the recent anti-war folks have said,
"Not in my name!...."   

Although, I totally understand why people usual good will and intelligence 
can have an opinion that completely differs from mine.  Anyway, thanks for 
the input, Phillip.


Rudi Hoffman


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