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Subject: quantum computer 
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 08:42:38 -0000

Thomas Donaldson asks:
> Please explain.

Repost with additional, explanatory comments in []s:

> As for reading out the results none of the quantum 
> computers I've read about seem to find that a problem. 

Probably because they haven't addressed the issue, or are 
building up a single result from a collection of quantum 
computers simultaneously (as in Bucksbaum's example).
[Ergo, this might be a fundamental problem, which no amount
of effort can overcome, since the data extraction (which can 
be modelled as a measurement) might be forbidden by 
physical law, viz by the "collapse of the wavefunction" 
following the measurement.]

> The problem seems to be that of working with a sufficient
> number of qubits to do meaningful calculations.

That would only be a practical problem, so solvable with 
enough time and effort.
[E.g. by controlling the interaction with the environment (e.g. 
by lowering ambient temperature and ), decoherence might
be reduced to low enough levels to permit the prolonged 
operation of the quantum computer with more qbits.]

Michael C Price

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