X-Message-Number: 21196
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:59:49 +0900
From: Hikaru Midorikawa <>


Dear cryonicists, especialy live near Tokyo area.

My name is Hikaru Midorikawa. I am president of the Japan Cryonics Association 
liaison of the Cryonics Institute in Japan.

You may already know that very few people are interested in cryonics in Japan. 

I believe that stronger and well-organized cooperation between cryonicists helps

cryonics-related projects in the country they live, as you can see in Ben 
Best\'s account 
of the recent CI suspension in Toronto. 

The project went well thanks to cooperative works by Canadian cryonicists. 
That is exactly what Japanese cryonicists need to do. 
They must be connected closer and must stay in touch more often.

In the Toronto project, all cyonicists in the area, whether they belonged to 

CI or to Alcor or to no organization, worked together to help one elderly woman 
the best suspension that was possible for her. 

If Japanese cryonicists were to connect in a similar way, it would have the same

Unfortunately, there is no suspension service providers in Japan.

But the vitrification research by CI of new cryoprotectants is coming along 
It can be used in Japan when research is completed. 

To this end, I formed a preparatory committee to build a foundation for future 
service providers in Japan.

To all people which live near Tokyo area.
Why don\'t you join us and become part of this exciting movement?
Please contact me.

Best regards,

Hikaru Midorikawa.
President, Japan Cryonics Association
Liaison of Cryonics Institute in Japan

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