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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 22:30:39 EST
Subject: Venturist Plans to move cryonics further faster

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The Venturist Organization  is going to become more active and help propel 
the cryonics movement forward in a more quick and efficient way.  The 
Venturists will help the cryonics movement by bringing the cryonics message 
of biological immortality to the public.   We will do this by engaging radio 
and TV talk shows and offer up Venturist members to be interviewed.  We hope 
to flood the talk shows and news shows with interviews of reasonable 
Venturist members who are willing to persuade others to "take the venture to 
the future."   If you remember, we chose the word "Venturist" because a 
"venture" is an adventure with some risk.  That is what cryonics is about.

 We will spread the cryonics message by building the Venturist Magazine into 
a publication that can be sold in news stands and will be attractive and 
informative.  Starting with the July 1st issue the Venturist magazine will 
come out every month.  We want to make the magazine more like a commercial 
publication.  Mike Perry is looking into a nicer cover perhaps with color.  
We will look for people from the cryonics movement to write articles and to 
find other articles (on the latest life extension practices) that we can also 

The Venturist advantage is that we can promote our beliefs from the forum of 
an organization that does not profit when someone gets suspended.  There is 
no perceived financial gain for us as cryonics grows.  

Our first step is to rebuild our membership.  If you would like an 
application, please contact John Grigg at  

Please let John know if you would be willing to be interviewed on radio and 
TV talk shows.

Please let John know if you would be willing to submit articles to the 

Also please share your thoughts and ideas on how to move cryonics faster 
either send to John or post on Cryonet. 

David Pizer


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