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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 13:35:26 EST
Subject: Yvan

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I imagine few readers are able to follow the details of Yvan Bozzonetti's 
comments on quantum theory, enzymes etc. For myself, I am often fascinated 
and sometimes mystified by his ideas. At the least, he will have some 
thoughts on the permanent record, so he can eventually get a little bit of 
credit even if others get most of it.

Yvan met  recently with Chrissie de Rivaz on her trip to Paris, and since she 
has a decent command of French they were able to converse a good deal. (Yvan 
has little command of spoken English.) Chrissie was much impressed with his 
intelligence and energy.

Like many bright people, he may sometimes be a bit overconfident, and we know 
he is capable of error. Not long ago he questioned the feasibility of washing 
out perfusate from a patient or rewarmed specimen, not realizing this has 
often been done successfully just by diffusion, no fancy techniques 
required--quite a pratfall. But one good idea may earn forgiveness for a lot 
of mistakes, and Yvan throws off ideas like a sparkler on 4th of July. After 
I retire as president of CI this fall, maybe I'll have time to look closely 
at some of them. Keep 'em coming, Yvan.



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