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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 14:07:32 EST
Subject: Flea jump

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The technical elements of the flea project ( mostly laser oriented devices 
used as parts of a brain reader) are crowded in a dusty garage workshop. Last 
autumn a choice was done to find another place nearby. I have signed a first 
understanding to buy a lot in an industrial area. A building model has been 
selected. I hope to move this autumn.

The pressure vessel of the He3 MRI system could be cast this winter. I have 
the kiln but not the electric power to run it in the actual place. The new 
settlement will be sufficient to house the long glass tube of the He3 
polarizer. My initial idea was to put it on another site, but that would 
imply at least one year waiting and some problems, as a large part of that 
second site will be sold back after two or three years.

My initial estimate was that a BR using MRI could be built in five years, I 
think now it can be done in 3 yrs, at least if the computing power can be 
found. The scanned brain size will be limited in the first years by that 
computing bottle-neck.

I have started talks to buy the parts of the first entanglement system. The 
objective here is to use the four possible quantifications described before.

Did you think this project is crazy? Look at the calendar!  :-)

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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