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Subject: Toronto Local Response Group Meeting
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 22:49:42 -0500

The most recent Toronto group meeting was held March 29.

The group benefits greatly from Christine Gaspar's knowledge of hospital
procedures.  For example, she has recommended a notice to call our cryonics
provider be affixed to our health cards, since health cards are the one
thing a hospital will look at right away!  Christine is making an effort to
educate hospital personnel about cryonics, and is preparing a pamphlet for

I am preparing a precedent power of attorney for health (sometimes called a
living will) that will instruct the designated "attorney" to maintain life
support until a cryonics team is in place and the team leader directs life
support to end.

We have identified a co-operative funeral director and a co-operative

We are identifying medical equipment, accessories and meds and have already
obtained much of our needs.

Ben Best has documented much of this on his website:
http://www.benbest.com/cryonics/localres.html .

Gary Tripp intends on attending Alcor's next standby training course.

I will look into cryonics-related Canadian-U.S. border issues.

We have a list of roles and future steps, which will be followed up at our
next meeting in June.

Questions can be directed to me at 

Bruce Waugh

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