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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 04:17:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Jim Stevenson <>
Subject: cryo friendly M.D.?

If any of you know of a cryo supportive internest near Palo Alto,
please contact me.

My mother's doc in L.A. was verry supportive,
but she almost did not get suspended,
because his weekend on call doc refused to sign the death certificate
til Monday.
Luckally her cardiologist did sign it promptly.


Jim Stevenson Ph.D
experimental psychologist, conducting sonification research,
 & certified master Ericksonian clinical hypnotherapist.
(650) 604-5720 w a.m. p.s.t 
or leave message any time.

ham call

Signature Memetic Virus

The worst enemy of those who now or will need medical care is the politician 
who proscribes what doctors are allowed to prescribe and research,
   with the consent of their patients.

Those who understand this are strongly encouraged to modify this to 
fit their personality, and add this to their signature file, and
organize to recover our freedom from Big Brother.

For those who wait until they are sick, it will be too late.

Those who suffer from diseases which might have been cured by fetal tissue 
research or schedule 1 drugs banned by Big Brother have the right to
hold those accountable who sat on their hands while they remained ill.

Long healthy life.

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