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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 07:41:38 EST
Subject: SARS in France

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After the Tchernobyl explosion, the radioactive could was miraculously 
stopped at the french boundary. When many precautions was taken in Germany, 
nothing was done in France. Twenty years later, the price is more than 3000 
thyroids cancers added to the "normal" level.

Surrely, things have evolved, we are no more in a stalinian information 
system, where everything seen on the tv screen must be aproved by the police 

For example, about SARS, There was one case in France and may be 2 more 
uncorfirmed... That was the story for the past ten days. Now, it is said that 
the initial case had in fact contaminated 15 more people ten days ago. So 
there was 18 cases one and one half week ago. Guess what it is now... One tv 
station told today that there was 201 "suspects", whatever it means. Just one 
phrase, no references...

Let me indulge in a personnal message:

Dear Mr. Saddam Hussein, if the bad US toops create too much problems in 
Iraq, please come in France, your friend the french president could apoint 
you as information ministry, it would be better for us, we would get some 
information freedom :-(((((((((((((.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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