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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 17:22:45 EST
Subject: Venturist News

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The following is a report on Venturism activities and information on how you 
can become involved.

Results of our recent elections are as follows:

Robert Ettinger
Jerry Lemler
Chrissie deRivaz
Mark Plus
Mark Voelker
Mike Perry
Joe Hovey
David Pizer
Trudy Pizer

       Advisors to the board
John Grigg  (pending his suspension application being finalized)
Rick Potvin
Jerry Searcy
James Swayze

(the officers were not voted on at this election)
President:  David Pizer
Treasurer:  David Pizer
Secretary:  Mike Perry
Vice President:  Mark Voelker

The Venturists will begin to help the cryonics movement in a more active role 
by doing the following:  

1.    Radio and TV talk shows. We expect to start mailing several prospect 
stations a day in about 2 weeks.  As we get requests for cryonicists to be 
interviewed we will notify our members in that area (for radio).  For 
television interviews we will suggest they also contact Cryonics Institute 
and Alcor, and some of our members.  (TV stations usually want several people 
to interview, while radio stations want only one at a time.)   I am sure that 
as we begin to supply cryonicists, and we begin to set the agenda for talk 
stations, the demand for even more interviewees will increase.

We will also look for other ways to get meaningful publicity for cryonics.

2.    Magazine:  The Venturists will start with a monthly magazine, the first 
issue to come out on July 1st.   We hope, over time, to upgrade the 
appearance of the magazine and make it suitable to sell in newsstands 
worldwide.  Mike Perry will continue to be the editor.  

We are looking for cryoncists to volunteer to write  monthly columns and/or 
give us suggestions.

3.    After we get a handle on the talk shows and magazine, we will introduce 
a standardized trust for people who want to try to take their money with 

4.    We want to have conferences and get-togethers at the Creekside.  
Venturing to the future should be fun.

5.    Later, we want to construct a facility where cryonics persons can live 
together with all of its inherent benefits.  


If you would like to get involved with the Venturists and be part of this 
effort to change the world, here is how to join and get copies of our 
magazine coming out in July.

Send your name and address (and $12 for last half of 2003  membership 
dues/subscription)  to:
The Society for Venturism
11255 State Route 69
Mayer, Az 86333

Be sure and tell us which designation (choice of 3)  you want:

Full member -  tell us where you are signed up for cryonics (will be held 

Associate member - agree with our philosophy, but not signed up yet.

Subscriber only. 

Also let us know if you would be interested in being interviewed by radio or 
tv stations.
Also let us know if you would like to submit articles for our magazine.
Also give us any other suggestions and let us know if you would like to help 
in any other way.

Venture to the Future.
David Pizer


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