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Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 12:19:01 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
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Here below are added impact avenues for getting our save SCNT noticed. I was 
sent this after sending my letter to GWB.

"Congress.org" wrote:

> Thank you for visiting Congress.org and contacting America's decision-makers 
to express your views.  Congress.org is a non-partisan, public service Web site 
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> http://congress.org/congressorg/soapbox/

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> Thank you,
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Signature Memetic Virus--The worst enemy of those who now or will need medical 
care is the politician and proselytizing religious bigot who proscribes what 
doctors are allowed to prescribe and research, with the consent of their 
patients. Those who understand this are strongly encouraged to

modify this to fit their personality, and add this to their signature file, and 
organize to recover our freedom from Big Brother. For those who wait until they 
are sick, it will be too late. Those who suffer from diseases which might have 
been cured by fetal tissue research or schedule 1

drugs banned by Big Brother, have the right to hold accountable those who sat on
their hands or worse, deferred their responsibility for personal and humanity's
survival to useless gods and pontificating religious quacks, while they 
remained ill and dying.

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