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James Swayze
11316 NE 189TH STREET
BATTLE GROUND, WA 98604-7330

April 7, 2003

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 [recipient name was inserted here],

I am writing to urge you to support S. 303, the Human Cloning Ban and Stem
Cell Research Protection Act of 2003.  The bill was introduced in the
Senate on February 5th, by Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Dianne Feinstein
(D-CA), Arlen Specter (R-PA), Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Tom Harkin (D-IA), and
Zell Miller(D-GA).  I strongly support the protection of somatic cell
nuclear transfer (SCNT), also known as therapeutic cloning, which may
prove to be a vital tool in allowing scientists to fully develop the
promise of embryonic stem cell research.  The bill would prohibit human
reproductive cloning while preserving important areas of medical research.

Stem cells derived from embryos have unique potential to improve the
nearly 100 million lives of those Americans who suffer from devastating
diseases and conditions, including juvenile diabetes, ALS, Alzheimer's
disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer and spinal cord injury.  SCNT allows
a patient's own genetic material to be used to develop advanced stem cell
therapies.  These therapies - including transplants and transfusions -
would be tailored to match each patient's specific medical condition and
dramatically reduce the possibility of causing the patient's immune system
to attack and reject the therapy.

The nation's leading scientists, including two prestigious committees of
the National Academy of Sciences and the American Association of the
Advancement of Science, agree that SCNT technology should be permitted.
Given the enormous scientific potential in this area, I ask you to show
your support by co-sponsoring this important legislation, and to defeat
any legislative or regulatory action that would ban research related to
SCNT.  I also urge you to oppose any legislation that would include a
moratorium on SCNT research.  A moratorium would only mean that important
medical breakthroughs are put on hold indefinitely. People suffering from
disease are told they will just have to wait for their cures.  Many of
these patients do not have time to wait and a research delay could be a
death sentence.

The men, women, and children who are suffering from life-threatening
diseases are engaged in a race against time.  It is our responsibility to
make sure that they benefit as quickly as possible from the very best that
science and technology has to offer.

I wish to add a personal note. I am a quadriplegic. This means my hands
are paralyzed along with 80% of my body but yet I manage to paint and type
by stuffing brushes or typing sticks into my tightly fisted useless
fingers. I have been so since 1979. I have survived assaults to my life
and my body that have killed many. I once lost 11 units of blood dispersed
over two surgeries a week apart performed on my hips to remove a
conglomeration of errant bone growth that has further disabled me beyond
my spinal injury. I went into shock from the blood loss occurring so
rapidly that the refrigerated replacement blood had not enough time to
warm properly. As to the bone disease I have the dubious distinction of
having the worst case know, called Heterotrophic Ossification. It has
fused my hips and once fused my right knee and pushed my right femur out
of its hip socket and rotated my leg 90 degrees. This odd positioning
hampers mobility and raises the risk of pressure sores by placing not well
padded flesh in harms way from pressure of even simply lying one my bed.

The knee was operated on to free it but has left a problem of recurrent
bleeding that has not stopped in 2-1/2 years and is now under scrutiny for
possible amputation above the knee. This coming possible amputation will
be double amputation because you see I am also diabetic. I contracted the
disease when my immune system succumbed to too many repeated assault from
bladder infections. I am alive and safe for a time from the bladder
infection problems only because I myself invented the alternative use of a
coronary stint to hold open my urethra and allow voiding without the need
of an internal catheter that had for 20 years promoted one infection after
another. I suffered so many such infections that my right kidney succumbed
to a bacterial and yeast combined infection and had to be removed.

I suffer constant chronic pain. That would seem simple except that spinal
cord injured persons suffer a special kind of extremely insidious pain
called Autonomic Dysreflexia. This is caused when pain signals cannot be
monitored and controlled by the brain due to the circuit being cut at the
spinal cord. A hormonal response incurs that raises one's adrenaline
levels dangerously and in kind also one's blood pressure. Mine has reached
once as high as 300/150 for a cause as simple as constipation. It
routinely reaches ranges near 240/112 and can change in mere seconds. I am
because of this in constant danger of a cerebral vascular accident. I must
suffer the insult of needing constant pain medication and in fact also
have a subdermal pump that trickles a drug called baclofen into my spine.
The interruption of this drug to my spine is fatal. Therefore I have a
Sword of Damocles over my head should anything such as a simple failed
battery occur to interrupt the flow of this drug. However, without the
drug to control it I could not even sit still to write this letter for the
constant every 3 seconds violent spasmodic muscle contractures my damaged
nervous system inflicts upon me.

Yet, Mr. President, I persevere. I have survived much and I still even
after all these 24 years have hope for a cure to my many ills. You have
the power to help keep my hope alive. Please support legislation that
allows the widest freedom for scientific research. Please do not listen to
the ignorant voices of luddism spurred by lack of proper scientific
knowledge and superstition. Please don't kill my hope. Please don't kill

I look forward to your support.

James Swayze
11316 NE 189th Street
Battle Ground, WA 98604



James Swayze


Ok, you all know I cringe at having to support  banning human cloning in order

to support SCNT but that is where the fight is at for now, that is how it is
being presented. Hopefully, someday more rational heads will prevail and
overturn all bans to scientific research. Just wanted to share this with you
all and urge you to get a letter off to your local rep. I'm not stopping
there. As you can see this went to GWB himself. I also sent one to Cheney and
the First Lady.  I also intend to write every Senator and and House
Reresentative whether for my local state or not. I started with the Senate
Ethics committee today. This fight goes beyond local representation. It
affects the whole world not just one's own state or even just the US.


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The Immortalist Society Member!
The Society for Venturism Member!

MY WEBSITE: http://www.geocities.com/~davidpascal/swayze/
Signature Memetic Virus--The worst enemy of those who now or will need medical
care is the politician and proselytizing religious bigot who proscribes what
doctors are allowed to prescribe and research, with the consent of their
patients. Those who understand this are strongly encouraged to modify this to
fit their personality, and add this to their signature file, and organize to
recover our freedom from Big Brother. For those who wait until they are sick,
it will be too late. Those who suffer from diseases which might have been
cured by fetal tissue research or schedule 1 drugs banned by Big Brother, have
the right to hold accountable those who sat on their hands or worse, deferred
their responsibility for personal and humanity's survival to useless gods and
pontificating religious quacks, while they remained ill and dying.

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