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Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 14:15:55 EDT
Subject: medical condition of Jerry B. Lemler, M.D.  

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Please post this to Cryonet.  Thank you so very much.   Paula Lemler

       Many of you within the Alcor community are already aware of the health 
status of my husband, but this is my opportunity to inform cryonicists at 
large of the current situation.
       Last Thursday we received the surprising and shocking news that Jerry 
has potentially terminal cancer.  Surgery is not an option because the cancer 
is widespread both above and below the diaphragm.  Doctors in Arizona did not 
give much hope, but due to the generosity of one family of Alcor members, 
Jerry is travelling to Houston on Monday morning and checking into M. D. 
Anderson Cancer Center.  Although Jerry is genetically predisposed for 
cancer, we were completely blown away by this.  He is only 53 years old.
       This remarkable man came to be a physician through an unconventional 
route.  While in high school he was visiting in a hospital when he happened 
to pass by the newborn nursery.  In that precise one moment in time, a 
compelling force came over him in which he realized how little he had counted 
as a person through the early years of his life.  That very night he decided 
to become a physician, and give something back to the world instead of merely 
existing to see how much he could take from it.  He has lived his life doing 
just that.  Since coming to Alcor he has worked tirelessly, sometimes to the 
exclusion of everything else (including me!).  He has many long range goals 
for Alcor still to accomplish, and I am certain you all join me in hoping he 
will hvae the opportunity to continue his work.


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