X-Message-Number: 21604
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 23:38:33 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: Jerry Lemler

Along with others I join in expressing shock and sadness at the news about 
Dr. Jerry Lemler's illness. I was away for the weekend and did not learn 
the extent of the problem until Monday the 14th. (And didn't realize news 
of this had been posted to Cryonet until I read that posting earlier 
today.) Dr Lemler has been a great CEO, and we at Alcor are hoping for the 
best but prepared for whatever may transpire. We will do our best for him 
if the need arises. I should also mention that Dr. Lemler recently joined 
the board of directors of the Society for Venturism and has begun to make 
useful contributions there. He is clearly determined to continue his 
cryonics-related work as far as he is able, both at Alcor and elsewhere, 
and deserves our profound respect and sympathy.

Mike Perry
Alcor staff
Venturist board member

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