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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:21:22 EDT
Subject: isomorphism & qualia

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Mike Perry's comments yesterday are well considered, as usual, but just a 
couple of reminders especially for newer readers:

The questions of isomorphism and qualia are two different things, not closely 

The isomorphism question is whether a set of symbols can be "the same" as a 
physical system, or one physical system the "same" as another. Mike thinks 
yes, each in its own "frame of reference." The problem with Mike's view, it 
seems to me, is that it leaves no room for verification. It is just a 
postulate, or a definition, and basically useless.

The question of qualia is whether a subjective condition can be "the same" as 
any other another physical system which exhibits the same signal exchanges 
with the external world. The uploaders think yes; I think it unlikely, 
because the binding of time and space may be crucial.

Robert Ettinger


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