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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 11:58:08 -0400
Subject: Principles for the Future; Principles for Now

Seinfeld: "What's the deal...with cryonics?"
Whomever & etc.:

The philosophies that direct the human toward immortality extend quite 
far into the imagined future.  But the steps that humans are taking 
that give credence as well as permanence to thier philosophy(ies) leave 
a void in the expression of thier principles at present, I feel.  --So 
I want to grow up big and strong, and drinking milk is my ticket to 
that healthy future (evidently).  The Milk People advocate thier 
product and its service to me, and I hop on board the Milk train.  My 
philosophy is that I should be strong and healthy and prepare early for 
a strong and healthy future to respect myself and my human capacities.  
But my principle of partaking in the Milk service is sketchy -- can I 
really know the benefits of milk on my body much less my future?  Am I 
hence blinded by my philosophies or intentions to put my trust in such 
a "service for my future"? 

This cheesy and obvious analogy aside: transhuman ideas are quite 
empowering and lend foresight into the future as technology is likely 
the most consistent measure of how society has changed and will 
change.  The envisioned impact of technology on humans the world over 
is an accepted reality to many with these ideas.  Yet, why are 
transhumanists or cryonics enthusiasts partaking in an underdeveloped 
technology like cryonics?  Perhaps private studies and research is 
availible inclusively within the cryonics network, perhaps development 
is improving although unbeknownst to us.  If the future is to be 
perceived as linear: two points determine a line, we are told.  So 
suspension is point A, and then what?  There is no point B, no end 
point or result, reanimation, to attach this "saftey net approach to 
immortality" segment and define itself beginning to end.  So why drink 
the this Milk of Immortality?  Why choose this technology when the 
technology of hill peoples of the Caucus combines thousands of herbs we 
don't even know about, clocking thier average life span at 145 years?  

There are numerous strategies availible that would also fulfill a 
transhumanists philosophies on life-extention.  My question is, why 

Super profundo,

"In My Deal, I'm Quantum Real."--H.H

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