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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 03:28:01 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: And Chicken Little said...
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> Message #21642
> From: "MIKE TREDER" <>
> Subject: CRN publishes list of future nanotech dangers
> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 20:27:55 -0400
> After months of intensive study, the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
> (CRN) has identified 11 separate, significant risks of advanced
> nanotechnology. CRN is also researching solutions that may effectively
> address each of those risks. Descriptions of all the risks   and proposed
> solutions   are now posted online at www.crnano.org/overview.htm.
> Chris Phoenix, CRN s Director of Research, emphasizes that these are
> preliminary findings.  These new web pages summarize the existing state of
> our understanding of molecular nanotechnology, its risks and problems, and
> possible solutions that can promote safe use while avoiding unsafe or
> irresponsible use,  says Phoenix.  Some of our opinions will probably
> change. We are publishing these results now because we are looking for
> comments and criticism from interested and informed parties.

Here's one short and dirty criticisms. STOP GIVING COMFORT AND AMMO TO THE 
It's bad enough to have the Bill Joys, Jeremy Rifkins, Leon Kasses and McKibbon

types ranting that nanotech is dangerous but to have our own people join with 

sky is falling" chorus only gives them the "ah ha!" factor, "Ah ha! See! Their 

people say it's dangerous!". I know you think you are heading them off at the 

but I strongly feel even only a tiny bit of doubt of the safety of nanotech on 

part goes a huge amount, AN EXPONENTIAL AMOUNT, toward bolstering their 

I'm not saying deny there is danger. I am saying stop highlighting it so much.
Make them work for their criticisms and fight against that wrong headed junk

science at every opportunity but don't give them ideas! I personally have faith 

science and scientists to work the kinks out without amateur meddling! Please 
my amateur comment in the proper context. To whit, I don't know if you, Mike
Tredder, have a degree in nanotechnology that gives you expertise to judge what

may or may not be at some future nexus dangerous use of nanotechnology but even 

you did you could not know everything about it. In other words it requires all 
science to make those jugements. If you do have such degrees I think your and

anyone else similar, those involved with you, best efforts would be to instead 

involved behind the scenes where dangers are dealt with _quietly_ before they 
a chance to upset the ignorant unwashed masses. I for one am damn well tired of
those ignorant imbecile inadequately educated about science unwashed masses
coercing their representatives into outlawing the very things I and so many
others, the entire human race, need for future and current survival.

Perhaps my perspective a bit more sensitive. Perhaps? Nay, it damn well is! For
those that don't know it yet I am a quadriplegic. Not only that but, I have

diabetes, only one kidney remaining, a debilitating and chronically painful bone
disease as well as a likewise chronic pain causing nerve disorder via the

paralysis and I am but weeks away from possible double amputation. So maybe I am
just a little bit closer to the issue when science such as stem cell research,

somatic cell nuclear transfer, germ line genetic therapy, even any and all 
of anti aging research, nanotechnology and whatever else the neo luddites fear,

come under fire from those ignorant unwashed uneducated superstitious masses. 
the point?!

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freedom from Big Brother. For those who wait until they are sick, it will be too

late. Those who suffer from diseases which might have been cured by fetal tissue
research or schedule 1 drugs banned by Big Brother, have the right to hold

accountable those who sat on their hands or worse, deferred their responsibility

for personal and humanity's survival to useless gods and pontificating religious
quacks, while they remained ill and dying.

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