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Subject: RE: More on Galactic Civilizations
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> Subject: More on Galactic Civilizations
> I've said before that I doubt that advanced civilizations are common,
> though for other reasons than the argument above. One weakness I
> see in it
> is that there could be a big tradeoff between how fast a
> civilization could
> expand versus how much "control" it could really exert at distances of
> thousands of light years. It wouldn't do for a far-flung civilization to
> break up into many warring factions, for instance. With slower
> growth might
> well come greater wisdom and greater security for the individuals. Also I
> think that the galaxy, even in relatively small volumes of space,
> would in
> many cases furnish ample resources to support a civilization for a very
> long time, which would lessen the urgency of expansion, possibly to a
> near-vanishing point.
> Mike Perry

The issues that Mike has expressed concisely above are also addressed in the
excellent SF novel of John C. Wright _The Golden Age_. If you haven't
already bought the hardcover edition, rush right out and get the newly
issued softcover. Wright plots the course of a far future human civilization
that has had practical immortality for centuries. The issue of whether to
expand beyond the solar system or remain huddled around our native star is
at the core of this fascinating work by a first-time novelist. Wright is
someone to watch. And to keep reading, since the story in _The Golden Age_
will continue in a second volume titled _Phoenix Exultant_ due later in

Michael LaTorra

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