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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 22:52:12 EDT
Subject: your chance to change the world.

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Your chance to change the world
By: David Pizer

Once in a long while, in every several generations - maybe longer,  there 
comes a genuine chance to make a significant change in the world. 

The Society for Venturism is reactivating its efforts to change the way the 
world thinks about human mortality.  (Over the years there have been 350 
people who have been Venturist members but our lack of meaningful activity 
has allowed our membership to dwindle - we are not about to change that).  We 
are inviting you to join us and make a difference in the chances for physical 
or biological immortality in the human race and perhaps in yourself.  Here is 
what we are going to do and how you can participate:

1.    We are going to introduce ourselves to radio and TV talk show hosts and 
volunteer for our members to be interviewed about our views about cryonic 
suspension and the prospect of immortality.

2.    We are going to produce a magazine about the prospect of physical 
immortality and cryonics as a possible way to get there.  We hope to build 
this magazine into a vehicle that can be sold in public newsstands and 

3.    Later, we are going to build a community where like-minded immortalists 
can live together.  Even later we will add a retirement facility so that 
immortalists/cryonicists can come and retire in an environment where others 
will help watch over their friends and protect their friends' wishes.

How can you be a part of this?

1.    Join the Society of Venturism now.  It will cost $12 for the rest of 
this year.  You will recieve the new magazine when it comes out.  There may 
be 6  monthly issues in the balance of 2003,  starting in July.  It may turn 
out to be the case that we can't deliver quite that many, but eventually we 
will be turning out one per month.

2.    You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Society for Venturism to 
help us underwrite some of our costs.

3.    You can submit articles to our magazine on various subjects having to 
do with cryonics, physical immortality and such.  Send those to assistant 
editor, John Grigg  at: 

If you have any art that would be suitable for a magazine cover, submit that.

4.    After you become a member you can volunteer to be interviewed on radio 
and TV to discuss cryonics and the prospect of immortality.

Here is how to join:

Send check for $12 for 1/2 year membership to:
The Society for Venturism
11255 State Route 69
Mayer  Az 86333

Be sure to include your name and address and any other information you want 
to share.  Tell us which of the three types of membership you want to be 
counted as:

Full Member  (Tell us where you are signed up for cryonics suspension at)
Associate Member (not signed up yet)
Subscriber only  (Making no commitments but just subscribing to our magazine)

All information is held in confidence.

You may not ever get another chance to make this much difference in the 
world.  please join us.

David Pizer  for the Venturists  


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