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Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 11:27:00 EDT
Subject: The Movement to Starve James

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>What the welfare hawks don't realize is that their rules prevent people from 
being tax payers rather than tax drains. If they'd allow people to make 
whatever they could through work or investing, not even reaching full self 
sufficiency, and still be able to receive their medical they would reduce 

significantly the drain that they are. In this way with wise  investment 
counseling or 
even guided investment for the less mentally competent they could eventually 
become self sufficient and no longer be a drain at all!! 

You're absolutely right, James. And the more you learn about government 

programs, the less you'll believe that their intention is to help the poor. The

agriculture subsidies that force up the price of food (and cost more than 1/3 as
much as the GROSS farm income), the Aid to Dependent Dictators that keeps half 
the world's kleptocracies in power (most of which goes out through banks and 
is then "monetized" by the Fed), the FDA (you've heard of them, I believe), 
etc. etc. 

The reason that people are dependent on welfare instead of direct charity 
from their fellow man is very simple, James: government has stolen most of the 
money. If the posters on Cryonet had their accumulated losses from taxes, 

inflation, and regulation back in their pockets, you'd be getting a lot more 

than you do from welfare. Anyway, if you asked the poster instead of blowing up
at him, I'm sure he was thinking first and foremost of welfare for the rich. 
Welfare for the poor just hurts the poor (because of the destructive 

anti-productivity regulations, as you point out); welfare for the rich keeps us 
permanently under their hired politicians.

Of course I could be wrong, and maybe there are a couple of people out there 
who belong to a Movement to starve the legitimately disabled. But unless they 
get government power, what does that matter? - Bill


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