X-Message-Number: 21806
From: "Mikhail Soloviev" <>
Subject: Sale: 'Cryonics' for $4
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 23:47:25 +0400

Dear all,

I just have bought a computer program, named
"Cryonics. Your 3D-site in 5 minutes" for $4
on sale.

Apparently the company produced this program
doesn't exist now. You may find its traces
by searching for "cryonics 3D".

I intend to present this curiousity to the
Society for Venturism (i.e. for the cryonics
museum in Creekside Preserve/Ventureville).

Also I wish the real cryonics will cost the
same amount of money one day.

-- Mikhail

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