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Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 13:14:06 EDT
Subject: Maths vs phisics

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I have sent here some messages about mathematical structures. Most readers 

can take them for archive purpose only. I think I have sent more than I'll send,
at last this may a good new :-). I understand than for many, they couldn't 
see the purpose of these messages here.

A first (limited) use is to demonstrate than some people can see a science 

far beyond what is seen in the general public or actual technology. It has been
a constant that, in the long run, the reality has always been more complex 
than the boldest predictions. So, even someone not able to evaluate what I say 

and so don't know if I am right or not could conclude that what I say must be a
lower bound on the reality. 

Now there is the main motive for these messages: The first four 

quantifications are not simply some abstract mathematical operators, they are 
too technical 
processes to make entanglements. Narrow slit between flat mirrors, parametric 
down conversion, laser entanglement and left handed materials are the four 

"technological operators." So, speaking about four quantification is not simply
a set of abstract words: There is today the technology to get to them.

More: Given that everything has been broken in steps, each defined by a set 
of groups or loops and that these can be expressed as a set of permutations on 
the elements of the preceding step we can build any new structure from known 

The general way to exploit a structure is to use some form of interferometer 
adapted to the quantum system under scrutiny. If you think an interferometer 
can be build with three or four mirrors and similar elements, think more: 
There, big groups and loops may need as much elements than what is found in a 

modern microprocessor. You can't assemble such a structure by mere chance, you 
to know it before.

The potential of that technology is fairly large, think for example about 

teleportation a la Star Trek: At supersymetric level, beyond particles, there is
a new object class called Q-balls. A Q-ball is a non topological soliton, but 
there are too semi-topological  Q-balls such monopole, particularly for the 
so-called Noether charge. Such soliton are single quantum object and so can be 
teleported, but their size can be anything. A soliton can include, as a 

substructure 10^20 particles and above. No problem for a full body mass. Beware 
Many solitons have the capacity to catalyze fusion reactions. You enter the 
machine and at the other end there is a puff of iron atom at 100 million 

Well before we see such sci-fi applications, there will be many others more 
useful for life extension and life recovery.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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