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Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 20:41:26 -0000
Subject: definition of theft
From: <>

Kitty wrote:

Your long tirade in defense of collecting monies stolen from others, whether
one, a dozen, or a 100 million, is philosophically immoral. And yes, tax
money is expropriated - stolen
If you wish to justify government theft and its use for *any*

The people of the USA through their courts and laws DEFINE "theft."  Now, 
*some* Americans may well have a different definition.  Obviously you do.  
But as far as the people of the USA, they (collectively) do not have the same 
definition of theft as you do.  I think that is obvious.

If you were not responsible in anyway for your broken neck, then
someone else was through their violation of you or simply negligence -
accidents don't just happen. 

Ah, no. Accidents DO sometimes just happen. If James had been crippled by a 
falling metorite (for example), whom would he sue? Some deep-pockets deity, 

No offense meant by my comments here.  But I just could not resist.  The 
whole "hardcore" libertarian-extropian-cryonicist philosophy is interesting, 
but it has its limits, IMO.

A break from quantum physics and qualia, then?


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