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Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 03:13:08 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Why mention Alcor?


Nena Baker,

In your recent article about lack of regulation in tissue and body donor
procurement why did you feel it necessary to single out Alcor? Was it
simply to buy your little article some Ted Williams/Alcor headline
clout? It wasn't strong enough on its own so you thought throwing in a
little "eeww ick cryonics" cryonics wow factor would help it along? It
was totally unecessary and distorts what Alcor truly does. Moreover it
is widely reported that Alcors' fees for suspension range up into the
hundred thousand dollar range so when you mention that sum in painting
the body donor procurement industry as profit mongering you wrongly
through ommission of caveat associate Alcor with such activity. Again
you buy a little more spunk for your apparantly feeble article, if you
must use such tactics, joining the throngs of ill informed hacks
misrepresenting Alcor and their goals and the field of cryonics.

For your edification Alcor is not in the business of profiting from its
activities and goals, unless by being members themselves the staff view
one day being revived to youthful health and renewed life as the profit.
I'm not even a member of Alcor but I'll thank you and your colleagues to
stop using my friends and cryonics as your whipping boy for journalistic
quick profits and start using some journalistic integrity, if such a
thing remains in your vocabulary.

James Swayze

P.S. Thank you for the topic of my next article, "The Lack of
Journalistic Integrity in Reporting About Cryonics". I'll be sure to
mention you.
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deferred their responsibility for personal and humanity's survival to
useless gods and pontificating religious quacks, while they remained ill
and dying.

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