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Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 09:16:59 EDT
Subject: Kitty

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Kitty Antonik Wakfer:
> If you seriously wish to not be a "burden"
> then you need to reorient your current thinking which views everyone else as
> owing you.  If you were not responsible in anyway for your broken neck, then
> someone else was through their violation of you or simply negligence -
> accidents don't just happen. ("Misfortune" is a word people use often to
> describe their own lack of responsibility

And what have you to say to the disabled people who owe their burdensome 
condition to genetic defect?

Kitty Antonik Wakfer:
> You are an articulate and talented young man evidenced by your writing,
> speaking, and design output; it is unfortunate that you appear to view
> yourself as an "asset" that others should "put to work".  Unless and until
> you take responsibility for who you are now (and possibly for how you got to
> this point, depending on the circumstances of your "accident"), and find
> ways to support yourself without resorting to monies/services resulting from
> tax (stolen) money, then you will rightfully be viewed by many others as a
> recipient of stolen goods.
> <snipping the website plug>

And you will rightfully be viewed as incredibly myopic.

-Jonathan Hinek


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