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Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 10:14:05 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Economics/politics

Sue Hopkins wrote:
> Tax is not stolen,...
> report it to your local police station and see their reaction.
> ...
> You appear to think that there is
> no such thing as society, that you are entirely disconnected from others,
> and in no way should contribute.
> ...
>  we will be far less able physically and mentally than those
> future generations...  we will have frozen along with us all kinds of
> pollutants, viruses and bacteria that will have probably been eradicated
> long before we are reanimated,
> ...

Hello, Sue --

Please consider this message a placeholder for the
vehement but longwinded objection to your comments
that I will feel duty-bound to post if no one else
gives them the drubbing that I predict.  I hope that
someone with more time, readier arguments, and faster
typing will handle it, but I really want to be sure
your accusations do not go unchallenged, so if no one
else does it, I will gird my dialectic loins and come
to the defense of my convictions.
May you live long and prosper,
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     |   None but ourselves can free our minds.
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