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Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 23:06:16 -0400

The topic of our next NYTA meeting, at 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 5, is 
"EXISTENTIAL RISKS: Will Humans Still Exist 100 Years from Now?"  We'll 
discuss the threats to humanity's continued existence, from asteroid impacts 
to environmental collapse to gray goo to the rise of the machines.  Good 
sources for reading to prepare for the discussion are:

"20 Ways the World Could End", by Corey S. Powell

"Existential Risks: Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios and Related 
Hazards", by Nick Bostrom

NYTA meetings are held in the 6th floor conference room at 80 Broad Street 
in downtown Manhattan. We are in a great location, just two blocks from the 
New York Stock Exchange, easily accessible by mass transit.

From subway: N & R at Whitehall Street/South Ferry; 4 & 5 at Bowling Green; 
1 & 9 at South Ferry; J, M & Z at Broad Street. From bus stop: M1 & M6. If 
you get lost, the phone number for the conference room is 917-320-3021. When 
you arrive at the building, please tell security you are there for the NYTA 
meeting in the 6th floor conference room.

See you in the future!

Mike Treder

Executive Director, New York Transhumanist Association - http://NYTA.net
Executive Director, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology -http://CRNano.org
Director, World Transhumanist Association - http://transhumanism.org
Executive Advisory Team, Extropy Institute - http://extropy.org
Founder, Incipient Posthuman Website - http://incipientposthuman.com
KurzweilAI "Big Thinker" - http://kurzweilai.net/bios/frame.html

The New York Transhumanist Association is an affiliated chapter of the World 
Transhumanist Association, a nonprofit membership organization that works to 
promote discussion of the possibilities for radical improvement of human 
capacities using advanced technologies. Transhumanism is a growing movement 
concerned with ethically expanding technological opportunities for people to 
live longer and healthier lives, to enhance their intellectual, physical, 
and emotional capacities, and to enjoy a future of expanded freedom and 
prosperity. NYTA members meet on the first Thursday of each month, from 7:00 
until about 9:00 PM. Visitors are always welcome.

For more information, see http://NYTA.net

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