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Subject: RE: Methuselah Mouse Prize for world record oldest mouse
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 22:39:24 -0700

In my humble and entirely biased opinion, this is a very important effort
that Aubrey de Grey and his team are making. For further information on the
good that research prizes do, read:


Fundamental anti-aging research is in the doldrums, and needs invigorating.
Time and time again, research prizes have proven their worth in stimulating
growth in a field of scientific endeavor. The return on investment is
amazingly large.

This Methuselah Mouse prize is a first step towards engaging and interesting
those with much, much more money: a later goal would be setting up
multi-million-dollar prizes for proven interventions in the human aging
process. If it does well, we will all live that much longer. Reinvigorating
real, meaningful scientific anti-aging research is a vital goal.

I wholeheartedly encourage you all to contribute; this is probably the best
opportunity most of you will see to leverage affordable dollar amounts into
extending your lives. I can't overemphasise how important this is: I
personally know of hundreds of thousands of dollars waiting in the wings to
see how this prize does, and I have to be the least connected person in this

In the grand tradition of money and mouths, I just donated in $1000 to the
prize on behalf of the Longevity Meme. I wish I was wealthier and could do

So come on, step up to the plate and show us all that these lists can do
more than talk about life extension!


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> Subject: Methuselah Mouse Prize for world record oldest mouse
> Hi all,
> This is to let you know about a new initiative designed to further the
> development of truly effective anti-aging interventions, by promoting
> public interest and involvement in research on mammalian life extension
> and by encouraging more such research to be done.  It's called the
> Methuselah Mouse Prize, and it will be launched at the American Aging
> Association conference on Sunday June 8th (11:45am at the Harbor Court
> Hotel, 550 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202-6099), where we will
> make the inaugural award to Andrzej Bartke.
> In brief, it is a prize for producing the world's longest-ever-lived
> mouse.  The amount awarded is determined by the size of the prize fund,
> to which anyone can contribute, and by the margin by which the record
> is broken.  For more details see the Prize site:
>      http://www.gen.cam.ac.uk/mmp/
> The two things that the prize needs in its early stages are publicity
> and donors.  Even though we will not be trying to get huge sums into
> the prize fund for a while, having a lot of small donations will add
> considerable credibility to the enterprise.  Contributions can be made
> up-front (by credit card online) unless they are big (over $25,000) in
> which case we are taking legally-bound pledges.  All donors will be
> listed on the Prize web site unless they prefer to remain anonymous.
> Please publicise this initiative in any way you can!
> Cheers, Aubrey de Grey
> Dept. Genetics, U. Cambridge, UK

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