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Subject: Re: Cryonet# 21823
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 06:43:37 +0000

Yes, we have become what we are because we cooperate. NO, we have not become 
what we are because "our arms were twisted" by government bureaucrats (Tom 
Dashacel, Ted Kennedy, George Bush, L.B.J., F.D.R., Jimmy Carter,...ad 
nauseum!). You say "...the alternative is simply not an option." The only 
alternative I can think of is individual freedom and self responsibility! That 
MOST CERTAINLY IS A VIABLE OPTION to your statism!! Yes, humans are greedy and 
we owe our civilization to that fact. I assume you don't work to support your 
neighbor, rather you work to support your greedy needs (home, car, food, 

entertainment, family,...etc.) The type of greed that is destructive is seen in
parasites who elect politicians who steal (yes, taxes are most certainly theft 
but of a different kind...if the victim doesn't fork over the loot HE goes to 
jail) wealth from the producer and redistributes it to the parasitic non-

producer. You need a change of world view from that of a statist to someone who
respects individualism and self responsibility.
Jerry T. Searcy

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