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Subject: Cryonics-related "NYPD 2069" Cop Drama slated for this fall
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 22:19:50 -0500
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Stephen Bochco, who created the gritty mainstream cop drama NYPD Blue,
will have a new show on the FOX network this fall about  an NYPD cop
frozen in 2003 and revived in 2069.  I know that most posters on  this
list are not interested much in TV and would rather discuss qualia and
quantum physics, but this kind of TV series could put cryonics into
the public eye on a regular basis.  And that would be a Good Thing.

Here is more news about it from internet sources:

FOX, NBC Pilots Add to Casts 
LOS ANGELES - Former "Ally McBeal" regular Josh Hopkins is back in the
FOX fold, landing the lead role in a futuristic cop-show pilot from
Steven Bochco. 

Hopkins will star in "NYPD 2069" as New York City detective Alex
Franco, according to The Hollywood Reporter. After someone tries to
murder Franco in the present day, he's cryogenically frozen and not
reanimated until 2069. He then rejoins the police force and searches
for the man, now elderly, who tried to kill him. 

In addition to "Ally McBeal," Hopkins has appeared on "New York
Undercover" and had a recurring role on "Jack & Jill." 

Kevin Dunn ("Gleason") has also joined the cast of "2069," which was
created by Bochco ("NYPD Blue"). He will play the man in charge of
bringing Franco up to date with what's happened during the time he was
frozen. Danny Pino and Mark Pellegrino also have roles in the pilot. 
Steven Bochco, the creator/producer behind the cop genre-defining
"Hill Street Blues" and "NYPD Blue," will bring "NYPD 2069" to Fox for
the 2003-2004 season. The story focuses on New York City Detective
Alex Franco, who is investigating the murder of a millionaire named
Harlan Kroger s wife in the year 2003. Det. Franco quickly deduces
that the husband is the murderer, but before he can make his case he
is run down in the street by a speeding van. The last thing he sees is
Kroger turn and walk away from the scene. The detective s distraught
wife is told that her husband is a vegetable and makes the decision to
remove him from life-support. However, he keeps breathing on his own.
The doctor tells her that there is a secret government project that
cryogenically freezes fallen members of the NYPD and FDNY and that he
could be brought back to life in about ten years due to advances in


Veteran TV producer Steven Bochco has a new, sci-fi themed series
slated to appear on the Fox network. According to the Hollywood
Reporter, "NYPD 2069" is about "an officer partnered with a New York
cop revived and put back to work after spending 66 years cryogenically
frozen." Actor Danny Pino ("The Shield") will portray the partner of
the thawed flatfoot. Nothing new here, premise-wise. Sci-fi filmmakers
have been thawing the long-frozen for years. Now, if they thawed out
Ted Williams and he came back batting .400 for the season ... 

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