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Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 00:55:59 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Economics/politics:  followup

Hi Sue et al. --

I'm glad I'm not having to make all the points
by myself.  Here's a bit of grist for the mill:

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Sue Hopkins wrote:
 > Tax is not stolen,...
 > report it to your local police station and see their reaction.

This seems to have been fairly well covered already.
As an additional point -- What do you *expect* the
reaction of the Mob's hit men to be when you complain
to them that the Mob bosses are breaking the law?
 > ...
 > You appear to think that there is
 > no such thing as society, that you are entirely disconnected from others,
 > and in no way should contribute.

That's not fair.  While "society" is indeed a
nominalization, not believing in it as an entity
doesn't imply feeling entirely disconnected from
others (and I don't think anyone who is not
clinically depressed feels *entirely* disconnected
from others).  I think that Kitty feels, as I do,
more connected to some than to others, and wishes
to be allowed to allocate her assets accordingly.
Also, everyone should be allowed to contribute to
what they feel is important, either by paying for
goods and services they find desirable, or by
contributing to causes they deem worthy.
 > ...
 >  we will be far less able physically and mentally than those
 > future generations...

Not for long, I'd imagine, since a society capable
of reviving us will probably have augmentations
available -- it's not like we'll have evolved
significantly by natural means.  If I am frozen, I
expect to be revived in closer to 300 years than
300 thousand.

 > we will have frozen along with us all kinds of
 > pollutants, viruses and bacteria that will have
 > probably been eradicated long before we are reanimated,
 > ...
It seems to me that would be likely to make us
more valuable, rather than less.  The (likely
nanoengineered) immune systems of people of the
future will probably have no problem with our
germs, etc., but they may be interesting examples
for study :-) .
May you live long and prosper,
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