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Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 14:07:42 -0000
Subject: European Cryo vs American Cryo
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Bozzonetti wrote, referring to Kitty's (and perhaps other posters') 
libertarian-slanted post:

"Sorry to be late.
This is precisely the world I don't want to see. If cryonet is not the place 
to talk about our future and what we want it to be, then where is such a 

I think such facist-tinted ideology is where our leaders bring us now, I 
disagree at the utmost level. This logic is the Hitler's one: if you are 
not in the frame and so on your place is in the grave. It is the negation of 
all civilization, the definition of the most brutal money power, the green 
bank inquisition.

It would be a catastrophe if someone with that mind program could survive 

I have said I'll don't comment much on that subject, so I must add something 
else so that this message is not simply on that single theme. That opinion 
recalled me that I had a project to build a gibbet in my garage. So I think 
it is time to act on it: I'll build that tool in the week. It will fit nicely 
on the side of the kiln/cremation furnance :-/"

>>end quote>>>

Well, I think we can safely say that if Godwin's Law is in effect on this 
list, that it has certainly been invoked with Bozzonetti's foregoing post. 


It is fascinating to see the sharp contrast between some of the European 
posters and most of the American posters on what basically comes to down 
expressions of socialism, European Style vs. freemarket capitalism, American 

However, as I think it was Mark PLus who alluded to, what is it, precisely, 
that feeds the bulldog when it comes to what life in a particular country 
offers to its citizens?  The answer would seem be good health care for most 
citizens, and a good quality of life.  And, I would add to that, good, 
reasonable, steady progress in basic scientific research. And, I think that 
would be the answer to that age-old question posed by that venerable 
philosopher, Conan The Barbarian, namely, "what is *best* in life?", or, at 
least as this cryonicist would answer it.  

Now, my sense of the health care situation is pretty much in line with the 
URLs offered by Mark PLus: Europe, Canada and Australia are ahead of us in 
making sure that basic and advanced health care is offered to most people.  I 
do not know what other people have experienced, but as for myself, I have had 
limited experience with health care (lucky me), but what experience I have 
had with it did not leave me with the impression that it was particularly 
good, and I thought it was expensive as well.  Plus, it took quite a while to 
even arrange for a basic appointment, and I have good insurance.

Now, I am a bit addicted to science news, and have been for years. As far as 
how Europe/Australia/Canada size up in basic science research, I would say 
that they are definitely holding their own with us.

Overall, I would say that with respect to how well our countries are set up 
to benefit the citizen, or at least my definition of it, America and 
Americans think a bit too much of their country and what it offers to its 
citizens. Why is this? I have to fall back on a version of my favorite 
conspiracy theory: we are brainwashed by the media and their backers, 
corporations and business, into thinking that American "free market 
capitalism" is the best thing since sliced processed grain products, and that 
socialism is the unspeakable evil of Satan.

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