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Subject: FW: LifePact Meeting, Video Project & Potluck - Sat, June 21st at 11:00
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 08:41:18 -0700

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Subject: LifePact Meeting, Video Project & Potluck - Sat, June 21st at 11:00

Dear Cryonicists,

There will be a LifePact and potluck meeting for everyone signed-up or
seriously interested in cryonics on Saturday, June 21, 2003. It will be held
at the home of David Kekich at 11:00 a.m.  There will be a professional film
crew at the meeting to acquire footage for an upcoming documentary on the
personal reasons why we have made the decision to be suspended at death.

(Please contact me for David's address.)

The main purpose of this meeting is to film a LifePact interview for those
members wishing to make this public statement.   The filmmakers who will be
present are Camilla Roos, Sonja Mor and Tony Hewett.  The film is
tentatively titled "Heaven Can Wait".

The main purpose of videotaping ourselves is to make a formal statement
expressing our desire to be suspended.  This video could be useful in the
future if there is a legal challenge and/or family dispute regarding our
wishes.  And perhaps your statement will become part of the documentary as

We will also have a potluck during the meeting to keep our bodies energetic
and happy.  Please bring something you enjoy to share with everyone.

Please share this invitation with anyone else seriously interested in
cryonics that you know in the Southern California area - we may not have
everyone on our email list!

rsvp to 

Hope to see you on the 21st of June!

Peter Voss
(310) 822-4533


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