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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:39:23 EDT
Subject: Re: European Cryo vs American Cryo

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Subject: European Cryo vs American Cryo
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> Now, I am a bit addicted to science news, and have been for years. As far as 
> how Europe/Australia/Canada size up in basic science research, I would say 
> that they are definitely holding their own with us.

Some day ago I saw on the TV a "poor french farmer", he complained that this 
work was not paid, mind you: his earning was only 150,000 euros ($180,000) / 
year, 1/3 coming from state and European subsidies. I am totaly agains that 
kind of "welfare" even if as pointed out by that poor man, US does the same. 
Today, farm subsidies is the second largest budget in France, right under the 

army. Education/research was the first one in the "socialist era," two years 
it has now fallen to the 3rd place.

About science, in particle physics, the US has given up when stopping the 

"desertron", it now beg a place on the European LHC. The only space access is a
soviet era capsule and the Shuttle successor will fly on a rocket powered by 

soviet era motors because they are the best in the world. No mysteries here: The
soviet union has been the only country with a serious R&D program in that 

domain. Now, thank to Bush's friends in churches, it seems the best researches 
stem cells are done outside US. I don't speak about electronics and 

computers, this is the long time preserve of Japan and far East "Dragons", 
in IBM products are "made in Japan" (or Taiwan). I think the US may not seen 
the down turn thanks to some european leaders such french President Jacques 
Chirac, whose politics may be summarized by: Give money to raise sheeps in the 
mountain and close university labs.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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