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Date: Thu,  5 Jun 2003 09:02:24 -0700
Subject: Godwin's Law Invocation (was European Cryo vs American Cryo)
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From:  (Tim Freeman)

Much as I hate to award victory to Bozonetti on any issue, by Godwin's
law I must:

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>I think such facist-tinted ideology is where our leaders bring us now,
>I disagree at the utmost level. This logic is the [sic.] Hitler's one: if you
                                                          ^^^^^^ Bing!
>are disabled, not in the frame and so on your place is in the
>grave. It is the negation of all civilization, the definition of the
>most brutal money power, the green bank inquisition.

The FAQ at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/legends/godwin/ is
pertinent and made me laugh.

End of thread.
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