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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 20:10:08 +0000

O.K.! Lets see. The Libertarian party that advocates the Libertarian 
philosophy I subscribe to was formed in 1971. I have not a clue as to what 
Libertarian-Socialism means. The motto of Socialism is: "From each according 
to his ability to each according to his need". The government takes from the 
producer, in relation to the size of his product an "amount". It then 
redistributes that "amount" to someone with no moral claim to it (does the 
I.R.S. come to mind?). That is the understanding of Socialism I have. By that 
definition, Libertarianism (the type promoted by the 32 year old...not century 
or more old that you discuss...Libertarian party is in no way socialist!). The 
Libertarian party I am affiliated with IS NOT Libertarian-Socialism! They 
abhor Socialism for the corrupt and immoral product it has produced anywhere 
it exist. Take a look at Cuba, China, North Korea, etc. For that matter look 
at the American experiment in Socialism: Social Security Administration, 
Medicare, H.U.D., H.E.W., the "education" department, D.E.A.,B.A.T., 
F.B.I.,...and on and on. This certainly is not what our founding fathers had 
in mind when they created this country. Libertarian-Socialism from the 
standpoint of the existing 32 year old Libertarian party is certainly an 
oxymoron! Thanks for the offer of books but I am up to my neck in books and 
magazines. My political philosophy was formed around 1986 after reading Atlas 
Shrugged. Any philosophy that promotes mandatory redistribution of wealth and 
unrestrained government regulation (as exist now) I oppose. No need to read 
long excuses by their supporters as to why they consider such tactics "good 
for me".
Jerry T. Searcy

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