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Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 04:29:20 EDT
Subject: The start of witchcraft

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Sometime, the history of science is more as archeology: We have only some 
small remains and we must rebuild a full ecosystem from incomplete skeletons. 
When it comes to Oliver Heaviside, Nikolas Tesla or Mikhail Filipov, the gray 

domain beyond public documents is large. I have said before that Heaviside seems
to have been interested in the woodoo spirits, thinking they was present day 
"projections" of long death giant rodents. He seems to have spoken about that 
theory to Tesla when this one came to UK to demonstrate in public some of his 
discoveries. I have no documents on Heaviside, my informations come from what 
did Nikola Tesla after this meeting. A large part of what he worked on after, 
was very different from what he did before.

So the present exercise is about what could have discovered a British genius 
at the end of 19th century. At that time, physicists had the firm idea that 
they knew anything about fundamental physics (well, Relativity, special or 
general, quantum mechanics, gauge theories, not to speak about supersymetry, 

Clifford spaces, loop theories, Moonshine,... was unknown to them.) So how 
with that limited background could have solved the problem of a long death 
animal looking alive?
It is a time problem, we must so start with a physical formulation of 

classical physics (the only one known at the epoch) whose a fundamental element 

time. First problem: In classical physics, time is an exterior parameter "added
by hand", not a full part of the theory as is the case in Relativity. The only 
possibility is then to chose the Jacobi formalism, based on a quantity called 
"action." Action has in particular the dimension of the product: time x 

energy. The Jacobi formalism works in six dimensions: 3 with positive squares 
and 3 
with negative ones. That was known at the 19th century end, but what was 
overlooked was that the action definition make use of a Taylor's series whose 

infinite order differentials need an infinite number of dimensions.  If you have
only 3 or 6 dimensions, the action formula is truncated and there is a 

remainder, this one defines a fundamental uncertainty on any real action value. 
is what Planck discovered some years later in his black body experiment and 

what we call now Planck's constant h in quantum mechanics. Heaviside could well
have discovered that, but he had no experimental fact to fix the action 

uncertainty value. What he had was a Jacobi's quantum mechanics, so his logical 
must have been: What next? We know now that the right question would have 

been: What under? Indeed, under there is Schrodinger quantum world with, it 
four quantifications, supersymetry, superbranes (Clifford's group and loops), 
Virasoro groups and loops and the towering Moonshine with the Monster group, 
counting more elements that there are atoms in the entire Earth. 
Heaviside was as a blind walker on a narrow path with an incredible abyss 
next to him. Seeing nothing, he came to the next element: Classical physics in 

this Newton formalism uses 3 dimensions with positive squares, if these are the
first three dimensions seen in Jacobi, then there must be an anti-world made 
from the last three Jacobi dimensions. So assume we reduce our world to a 

single point, we could see the anti-world if we do everything the inverted way 
in 3 
dimensions. In the anti-world, the time must run backward: The product of a 
negative time by a negative energy would give a positive action and so put 

firmly the anti-world in the Jacobi equation domain. In the positive world, 
is the vacuum with zero energy and at some places a positive energy. The 

anti-world must have positive energy nearly everywhere and nothing at only some

place. How could that be done? Heaviside knew about electromagnetic radiation 
Maxwell theory, so he could figure out that a way to put energy everywhere 
could be done with an infinite spectrum of radio waves on every frequency. He 
knew that an electric discharge such the one of a thunderbolt is the nearest 

thing to such a full spectrum generator. He knew too that a conductive box works
as a resonator for a given frequency, the resonant frequency will be 
subtracted from the continuous spectrum and concentrated in the box.
The box is then a positive world object and the continuous spectrum with one 
frequency subtracted is the anti-world. So imagine you are working in a field 
and a big storm is coming. You go to a nearby cave, a lightning fall on the 
entry, producing a Maxwell continuous spectrum minus some frequencies 

accumulated in the cave, working as a resonator. For some brief parts of a 
second, a 

window opens on the anti-world and its negative time. When you have such a 
and then came a man able to reproduce at will a thunderbolt, you can't do 
anything else that persuade him to test the theory. Could the negative time be 

compressed so that we could see living beasts 100,000 years before present? Had
Heaviside an explanation for that? May be we can guess than he had a 

discontinuous idea of time. One lightning create some negative world instants 
then the 
next strike create the next instants, even if the positive world the elapsed 
time is counted in millennia between two lightning.
Our view of the physics phenomena is now somewhat different. We understand 

that a Jacobi quantification can't be extended by a Dirac's one. If we go beyond
it, we encounter directly the supersymetry domain, but this one is not the 

"classical" one of the Schrodinger domain, it is something beyond Moonshine. At
actual technological progress speed, we'll reach it may be in some millions or 
billions of years! What has been reached beyond Jacobi is not the anti-world, 
it is the spinor extension of space. The cave don't work as a small positive 
world in a negative one, it form a soliton in the SUSY domain, what is called 
a Q-ball. Q-balls have their own time and can't decay in the spinor sector, so 
if at another time a new discharge power it anew, it will be the same, even 
100,000 years later. An observer in the second "experiment" see the content of 
the first soliton, in the same way an observer in the first see the second 
even if it take place in a distant future. The natural phenomenon goes beyond 

woodoo spirits, religious "apparitions" and miracles are faked events built from
some legends having this phenomenon as basis.
So, even what looks now as a simplified theory, may have been sufficiently 
near the reality to give a workable technology more than one century ago. 
Because there is an astounding theoretical abyss between it and present day 
technology, I have called it before witchcraft technology.
At Tesla death in 1943, his papers where taken by some "authority." It seems 
they have been given to some high rank physicists, and one of them made an 
extraordinary blunder: He was unable to see the difference between Schrodinger 

and Jacobi domains, so he jumped to a third supersymetry domain in a five points
non local theory: Right into hell, something able to disturb even a werewolf 
(the recognized specialists of Moonshine). Some months ago, I have given a 
glimpse about the Christofeld operator implied in two points structures, even 

with ultra-compressed notation it looked somewhat disturbing. I don't insist on
the "tensor" look of the 5 points theory.
So, a second witchcraft domain was opened. Now it seems some want to use 
something even beyond, nuking is the only answer here.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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