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Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 05:55:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: john corbin <>
Subject: Race and IQ

Mr Ettinger wrote:

"It's of no importance, of course, whether races
differ in genetics related to 
intelligence or by how much or in what ways. There are
lots of people both 
smarter and dumber than me in all races, and the
individual's problem is to make 
the best of his own situation. From the perspective of
the to-be-thawed, it 
doesn't matter who is the tallest midget; if we make
it past the singularity, 
we will all be giants.

Robert Ettinger"

I have always been inclined to agree with your
viewpoint, too, with respect to race and IQ.  However,
a society has to work not with selected individuals,
but with all of them. 

You might want to read these 2 webpages:



THey are very detailed reviews of a very interesting
book by a professor of philosophy at CCNY that deals
with race and IQ and what the scientific data on this
subject means for America.  He basically concludes
that one particular race has IQ and other genetic and
cultural characteristics such that this race will
never be able to fit into our society other than in a
more or less parasitic fashion, certain outlier
individuals excepted of course (as you point out). 

Interesting and portentous stuff, especially when one
considers immigration. And what, I ask myself, does it
portend for American cryonicists, who rely on the
continued growth of the nation for hundreds of years?
I do not know.

I myself am of mixed race.

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