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Subject: Basic Physics Resources(WAS: [nytranshuman] Nanocosm Critique)
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 11:23:01 -0400

A good way to avoid the types of basic physics blunders that plague this
book and many other critiques(and advocacy unfortunately) of nanotech is to
brush up on as much physics, especially quantum physics, as you can stand. A
good place to start teaching yourself physics is Wiley's "CD Physics for
Windows". "The Cartoon Guide to Physics" CD is not bad either for a relative
novice to physics, despite its frivolous sounding title. There are several
other good multimedia titles out there as well, including Stephen Hawking's
"A Brief History of Time". His books "The Illustrated Brief History of Time"
and "The Universe in a Nutshell" are also excellent for the non specialist.

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