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Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 18:43:19 +0000

Yes, this is becoming tiresome! If the Libertarian party took the name of a 
political philosophy (Libertarianism) without ascribing to the mode of thought 
then the "mode of thought" must not have been what they wished to spread but 
the word liberty describes what they did (and do)want to spread. I understand 
the Libertarian party's "mode of thought" and very much approve of it. I am 

pleased you find my appeal to morality interesting. No, I don't assume everyone
holds the same moral values as me...you obviously don't! You dislike the fact 
that some possess billions while others die of hunger. Much of that death is 
due to repressive philosophies enforced by non-Libertarian governments. Bill 
Gates possesses billions. HE EARNED IT! Redistributing wealth in a world as 

ours is hardly immoral!! You demonstrate not everyone has the same moral values
as me. You advocate stealing from people who earned the money (that means it 
belongs to them...not your libertarian-socialist)and giving it to people with 

no moral claim (moral by MY standards...by your standards, being poor gives one
a "moral" claim to the unearned property). I suppose your next rant will deny 
that taking property from the person who produced it without their permission 
is theft. If the Libertarian party I am affiliated with is not "Libertarian" 

please explain, in your opinion, what it is? I am interested in your definition
of the oxy-moronic term 
libertarian-socialist. It sounds to me like "free-slave"!

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