X-Message-Number: 21928
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2003 23:45:03 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: "Cooperism"

Some have pointed out difficulties with cooperative systems in which means 
of production and such are owned in common. Yes, these difficulties are 
real and could prevent any large-scale implementation in the near future 
(though some sizable companies may be of this nature already). But if our 
hopes of immortalization can be realized, we should develop in wisdom and 
perspective as we progress beyond our present level. I think we will have 
to make substantial progress of this sort to best benefit, and maybe even 
to survive at all. We will no longer be focused on such things as "our 
families" but will hopefully treat all together as one family. Then a 
voluntary, all-encompassing society for mutual benefit may make more sense 
and be strong enough to endure. This kind of system, whether large-scale or 
small, could be called "cooperism" to indicate its voluntary, cooperative 
nature, for those upset by such a term as "socialism," which for some seems 
to require that there be coercion, though I don't see that in the original 

Mike Perry

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