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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:53:55 EDT
Subject: math and physics

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Yvan Bozzonetti writes in part:

> it can 
> be proved that there is no more points in a surface that there are in a 
> line.

Yvan's speculations continue to fascinate, but the tremendous successes of 
mathematical physics must not make us forget that math isn't physics and that 

most mathematical theories, if not all, are approximations with limited domains
of application.

Whether there are more points in a surface than a line is a matter of 

definition. For example in the simpler case of all integers vs. odd integers, 
numbers are equal by Cantor's method of counting; but by another method of 

counting there are twice as many integers as odd integers. The method of 
used by nature must be found experimentally in each case.

Robert Ettinger


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